Dancers Among Us: Photo Series Documents Conspicuous Public Dancing

Photo Series Documents Conspicuous Public Dancing

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Accidentally tap danced through a moment of silence for 9-11... I was in a supply closet and didn't hear the announcement over the loud speaker... I came tap dancing out into a room of horrified faces staring at me... it was kinda awesome until they told me what had just occurred... haha

I danced on a dam for a "Tribute to the River" celebration for the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities once. It was amazing and terrifying at the same time...there was a LOT of water churning right underneath our feet!

@ Benjamin Von Kelsheimer : you are awesome that is some crap that only happens in movies lmao!

you wouldn't believe some of the crazy things that happen to me! Sometimes I think that some movies are based off of the silly stories that happen to me... but I appreciate the shout out! haha

this is just amazing

I was working on my dance project for school and I was told to go and use the stage, I was used to the old stage in the old gym (our new caf) and so I was dancing there. And someone decided to open the curtains at lunch. I ended up dancing in front of all the grade 9's and 10's. I finished my 25 minute dance and they clapped. I ended up doing an encore :)

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