How To: Perform the 6 o'clock in ballet

Perform the 6 o'clock in ballet

In order to perform a perfect six o'clock, you will need to, first, begin by increasing your strength and flexibility. Partner stretches may be beneficial to you, in order to increase your flexibility. This will be of additional benefit to you, if you've pushed yourself as far as you can go alone in individual stretches. When you are adequately limber, begin by stepping forward with one leg. Turn out and engage the front leg, as you transfer your weight to it. When the foot is planted, swing the back leg back, as you lean forward. Maintain your balance, as you bring your hands to rest on the floor. Continue bringing your back leg up, until it is straight in the air. If you are more advance, lift your hands off the floor and hold them behind you, as you hold the stretch.

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