How To: Have correct ballet placement & postural alignment

Have correct ballet placement & postural alignment

In this how-to video, you will learn how to do proper placement or postural alignment in classical ballet. First, make sure the tail is down, the ribs are in, and the back as flat. Also, make sure the arches are up and fingers are relaxed. You want to create as much space between the armpit and hip as possible. Do not stick the rib cage out and lift up the pocket muscles. Let the back be free. The legs pull down to the ground while pulling everything up and out. Just remember, bring the bones forward. This video will show the proper way to do postural alignment in ballet.

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Thanks for the information! I just joined a ballet class and was told I need to work on my posture. This certainly helps! Now I just need to find somewhere I can buy leotards. Any suggestions? My friend told me she got hers from, so I'll have to see what designs they have.

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